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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Late Spring/Early Summer Adventures around home

I miss writing here! I've spend many an hour in the computer desk seat this past year, with efforts going in different directions. I do miss my first blog baby, our family blog! This summer is halfway over, now. 

We have had some fabulous adventures, and our home days have also filled up my cup. Also, the kids are so active with family and friends we are so very blessed to live near many kindred spirits. 

                            Early summer adventures eating dinner in the garden with the kids. This photo was taken before the May Summer garden went in.
Owen is quite the critter catcher.

These sweet friends had some static run ins. That always makes me laugh.

Dear friend Michelle's two girls and Ara wandered through the garden, as the Mamas counted their blessings. Many years of friendship we share, I believe it is 20+ years!

Noah and Ara are also friends, and he is another 20+ year friend's kiddo. He is such a love, and also very sweet when Ara is her usual sour and sweet self....
Baby Jack helped me unload the greens from the veggie box one Friday. He is quite a hambone.
These two girls really truly LOVE each other. So blessed to have kids at the same time as my besties!
COUSINS! The girls are so special to us, and Lily is doing really well.
Lily taught me how to use many apps on my phone, since apparently I am OLD. This one was fun!
Gorgeous green field.. (It's brown now!)

We romp the most in the field in the Spring.

Papa B's artichokes
One of my favorite garden shelves here at home.
Early garlic harvest.

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