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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Havasu Falls: Home to Peach Springs- Part 1

2 weeks ago, Chris and I spent the evening with the kids in the field. Spring and Fall are the best times on the property- the weather is perfect and hours are spent each afternoon. We were getting ready to leave on a 4 day adventure trip!

We set out super early Friday morning, and met up with 21 in total. The ride down was gorgeous through Hope Valley, then desert pretty through Nevada. We were stopped twice for 30 minutes each in roadwork.

 Why not use traffic time for documenting the trip!?
 These two work together every day, and mostly enjoy it!
 Desert stretches.

We made it to Vegas around 6pm. Chris and I were set on having a nice and yummy dinner, and a small group of us split off and made it into Spago. We had a wonderful time, discussing world travel, and adventures, all while enjoying delicious wine and food.
Tired but happy. The usual.

Trevor was our 3rd wheel which was actually fun!
We were in and out in 2.5 hours, around 830pm. We needed to get to our Motel by midnight, and it was still about 3 hours from Vegas. 2 nights later, the Vegas mass shooting happened... :(
We rolled up around 1130pm, and our Motel was straight outta the 1950's/60's. We showered and hit the pillow hard.

415 came in the blink of an eye. Chris woke up at 3 to pee and he was so excited we had another hour of sleep, ha!
If we had been at our Motel at all during the day, we would have seen an awesome also oldish yet charismatic dinosaur mini golf park.
I had Chris stop so I could take these photos as our group departed the Motel, off to the Trailhead on the Havasupi Indian reservation.
There was a bunch of route 66/ radiator springs decor. It was really a quirky place where we spent about 5 hours!

The drive from the motel to the trailhead was about 90 minutes, down a mostly straight road. When we rolled up it was very chilly, even though we knew we would warm up quickly.

Monday, September 18, 2017

A Summary of Summer

And now I am going to attempt to summarize our summer in a series of photos, that I will seriously want to include more but will slightly hold back.

Field kisses to kick off the summer~
 Riding in the sand truck for the first time... weeeeeeee!
 Moonrocks desert so gorgeous in spring!
 Papa actually rode with Chris! A first!
 Owen rode without training wheels!
 My loves!
 Giants game with my sissies!
 And pops!
 And husbands!

 All of us!
 Swimming at Nana and Papas at least once a week.
 Up to mamas whenever we could make it!
Nana and Papa's pool
 Ouchie bonk on a rock
 Papa's artichokes
 PIGTAILS for the first time!
 Owen's swim lessons always meant tea time for the ladies.
 Summer kick off with my besties at Boeger
 And our offspring
 Dance recital for these doll faces
They were quite ridiculously adorable!

 Early garden

 Sweet Buster
 Pipi Valley camping= Snow in June!

 T-ball was all about fun and smiles and slides!

 Back to Pipi for the mother of all bonfires

 River dips with friends
 Just for fun!!!!
 Garden growing
 Magic in Anaheim for Britton's 40th anniversary
 Also our 12th wedding anniversary
 Kids hated it we loved it!

 The whole fam!

 Guys being goofy
 Owen was so brave and rode a crazy ride!
 We got competitive and tried showing off
 And fell
 Pool time
 Married 40 years!
 Britton pool snuggles
 Grandma time!
 Zoey time at a wedding where my role was photog
Gorgeous yard at Britton's
 Papa's artichokes
 Owen's Bud celebrated 5 years cancer free!!! Sparkling cider and thumbs up at the water park!
 Dinner in the garden
 LOVE this girl of mine
 Picking blueberries with the aubins and grovers
 Regal Yoga man
 Aubin pool with the grovers
 Boeger with Papa
 Boeger with the ladies
 Special night with Bowens

 Always gotta stop at boa vista
 Lovely grandma
 Beautiful walk means photo shoot
 Owen rode a bull on 4th of July but was afraid of the fireworks so we went home. Good thing because they didn't start until 1030PM!
 Kenzi is adorable!
 We finally paid ourselves from our business and went to dinner and a massage. This was what we looked like at the end. HA!
 Celebrating Caleb's birthday!!!
 Erik in town and at the Aubin pool
 Cousin time!

 Uncle time!

 Driving a boat on a fish hunt!
 Trying to hike

The very first time I let them do this!!!!

 Ara at 630am in a grocery store parking lot looking good in her jammies!
 Monterey adventures

 Family together breaking bread, er... tacos

 Sweet Rumi.
 Ara can ride a pedal bike without training wheels, skipped right over them!
 Ara and Zo River day

 Evie and Ara enjoying tea
 And laughs in bed ha!
 Helping mama cut flowers
 Wine tasting with some lovely ladies and Chris's delicious sandwich.

 Grew some watermelons bigger (ok as big as) my previous pregnant bellies!
 Hanging at one of our fave local spots

 Watching grandma catch chickens is fun!
 Loving feeding Kenzi food
 fabulous river day
 boeger night
 laughing with my love
 On our way to JAMES in SF
 Don't ask
 My besties
 The crew and Clark photo bombing

 Off 88

 Summer. Fly on head and watermelon seed on cheek.

 Cousin time!

 Veggie babies!


 Celebration dinner at farm table!

 Swimming with pro Zoey
 Leins in town
 Gal group photo
 The crew at the Bowen's
 We talked about doing this all summer and FINALLY put a sprinkler on the trampoline. Harder than it sounds! SO FUN!!!
 Papa over for our routine early dinner and hang.
 Waterfall dip on my bday
 Mikuni bday dinner
 Spa and hang with wynt for bday, really dragged out the funnnnnnn :)
 Camping at Hope Valley

 Visiting sweet gram at rehab.
 Cheers to school being back in session!
 These two played in the bush for almost 3 hours!
 The Britton garden really exploded with tomatoes this year!
 Hope you had a wonderful summer. I have loved every minute of ours, but also I am loving writing right now with the windows open and the crisp cool fallish air.