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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Our family has lost a dear friend/family member Ron. He was so special to us, he was always there for us. He drove me up to walk down the isle in his fancy car. He lived nearby us and would not hesitate to check on us if there was a nearby fire. He's been my sister's father in law for over 16 years. He was a second dad to my sister, and my brother in law's last living parent. He told stories with such ease, and he loved life every day. Chris and Ron shared a birthday and we celebrated a few together. Chris saw him in the hospital, every day he was working, as his last 7 weeks of life were in the hospital. When Chris would walk around the corner he would say "There he is!". Those visits meant a lot to both of them. I even asked Chris to go to Target on his break once and he denied me as he had to visit Ron.

One of my favorite memories of Ron was his awesome personality and ability to give it to you straight. I always looked at him as being a very conservative, successful man with all his ducks in a row. Since I met him when I was a pre-teen, I've learned I looked at most adults that way at that time in my life. Regardless my story is still good, I promise. So I knew he had his act together, even more so, as he retired around age 50. He was above and beyond "together". 

I remember talking with him about Chris and I being young when we were getting married (we were, just 21!). His words of wisdom? "There's never a best time, Chels. You never have all the answers, nor have it all figured out. Pam and I married when she was right out of high school, had two kids within 1 year, and I was in and out of the service. We didn't have much money, we rented, and moved a lot, and I made my way in life. And I wouldn't have had it any other way."

I just assumed that because he was so successful he was so cautious and never took risks like marrying young for crazy love, having kids super close, or anything like that. To hear those words meant so much to me, and my perception of him changed forever that day. He was so for the passion, the drive, and the life of it all.

He is so missed. I am so bummed that he is gone, and honestly still in shock.

Also, he was super cool, and he had an actual juke box in his house. I've always wanted one of those. I better add it to my "always wanted" list and then name it Ron when I get one.

We miss you, Ron.

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