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Tuesday, April 11, 2017


I'm not about to do a why I haven't been blogging blog but I will write a sentence or three to that. I have drafts of unfinished blogs yet to finish and post. And after my last post in December, they were also on the harder to read side. Our family has lost a dear member, and my niece was hospitalized for 3 weeks. Things have been more grim and serious lately.

But, in true Britton fashion, we've managed to travel a bit in between the hard times. Spring is upon us, and the property is alive. Chris has a new toy/hobby/desert truck which is keeping him busy between work and school and the kids and property and me. I'm like a puppy when he is at home. What do you want to do? Let's hang out! Let's do this and that and this and that. He's pretty content relaxing in his little bits of downtime. I need to remember that.

Owen is at the tail end of his Kindergarten year. His sight words are at the third grade level but he somehow can't remember where his shoes are. He knows 18 types of sharks but still asks for us to help him wipe his butt. Seriously, kid!!!

Arabelle has started dance class once a week with Zoey. Her daddy takes her while I'm at work and she is having a blast. A more typical developing child (in comparison to Owen), she challenges me almost daily with her strong will and determination. Gotta love toddler opinions!

I'm really enjoying our life. The recent events have only highlighted the brevity of life. We may only have today! This has slowed me down a bit... I'll always want more time in the day, but have lately been relishing the downtime, the tea drinking, the sitting, the reading.

And now a brief photo collection of the last few months! This really isn't fair as you know I take hundreds of photos. Also, still having computer issues from (likely) having too many photos on our hard drive... OOPS!

hiking with friends and kids

 Owen and one of his buds at a birthday party! Way out of my comfort zone!
 Gweebs on the trampoline
 Being kids
 Heart Day
 Ara at storytime with her friends!
 My world!
 It's good to be a kid!
 We let them attempt sleepovers. The result was beyond adorable.
 Ara has the pink booty falling out...
 We drink tea and eat artichokes while brother is in swim lessons.
 This guy makes me happy!
 Field magic!
 Dance party without kids with some of my favorite people!
 Reading with Aunt Court- who lives in the same city!!!
 Sometimes I just sit and watch.
 We've been hiking lots with friends!
 Sand angels

Fun run for Owen's school! He did the ~2 miles this time without much complaining!

 Dad volunteered as a trail guide! Yeah!
 Friends at the run
 Just a silly picture of Buster and Ara, it makes me laugh.
 I had 2/3 nieces and their puppy over while Lily was in the hospital.
 Me in an Auntie sandwich! Got a quick visit in with my TN relatives!
 We ditched our "since we were married pier one clearance bed" for a new one. Also, Chris decided to rip the carpet out at the same time... Without a date on the books for flooring....
More cousin time in the car!

 Ara and I get lots of time together while Owen is in school.
 Friends in the field.
 Spring fungus on the property

 Hiking with Chris and Ara.
 Chris's Dad working on the trophy truck
 Opening day Tball!
 Happy kid holding a treasure!
 Cousins reunited and it feels so GOOD!
 So cute at dance class!
 More puddles and dirt with friends!
 Road tripped to Vegas!
 It was a little bit warmer...
 A Britton family trip with the whole crew!
 Monster Trucks World Finals 2017 was a BLAST!
 Niece Kenzi did great! And what a cutie!
 This is parenting! Tired kids!!
 Home, at one of our favorite stops, the river.
 She's talking on her cell phone. A rock.
 Papa came over to play with the Barbie car ("ca" in a Brooklyn accent)
 Off to Bodega with friends for their trailer's maiden voyage!
 Beach and sand and laughs and wet cold kids!

 On a run!
 Spring beauty.
 Friends and campfires and bikes and kids!
 Hiking with the crew.
 Happy Birthday, Elise!
 Lilacs blooming, always seems earlier than the year before...
 These ones....
 Pouring at brother's swim lessons...
 Clearing after the storm in my nap garden.
 The school garden has been my baby this year as well. There's always more to do... but the iris are going to open any day!
 Baby shower fun with a gal pal
 Adults hanging with adults! Thanks Mom for watching the kids! We let loose and had a BALL.
 Cousin popcorn parties!
 This cheeser on a daffodil walk!
 Magical springtime!
 Lake Mead with the kids
 Biking fools
 Windy as can be on the Bodega headlands.
 Auntie time!

As I selected a few photos to summarize the past few months I chuckled as they were uploading-- 72 pictures! And I've missed out on so many fun times to boot! That was a snippet. Cheers to (sometime) finishing my previous drafts, and a bit more frequent stopping in here. I miss it. Thanks for reading!

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